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Comedian Mulamwa struggled to maintain baby mama demands

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah suggests his relationship with baby mama Sonnie might have ended because he could not sustain her lifestyle.

The comedian, real name David Oyando, recently announced he’d separated from Sonnie a few weeks after she gave birth, in a move that attracted speculation.

“She should give men time,” he explained in an interview with Mseto East Africa.

“Don’t rush from one relationship to the other. There was a time I could not provide this and that or buy her the best clothes and she would go look for it somewhere else from other people and it used to hurt me so much.”

Amid the infidelity claims, Mulamwa has also revealed that the ex-lovebirds terminated their relationship when she was three months pregnant but elected to keep it under wraps from the public.

He adds that they announced their break-up after she gave birth because of the wellbeing of both mother and baby.

“We broke up a while back even before the baby was born and we both agreed. Kenyans only got to know about it the other day but we had already made our decision. Being a nurse I knew expectant mothers require a lot of care and so I decided we should hold on to the breakup story,” he said.

Mulamwah also mentioned that the couple remain on talking terms and he was providing for the baby and getting deals for Sonnie.