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Comedian Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend comment on DNA reports

Ever since their abrupt breakup, netizens have been left speculating on the reality of the relationship between actress Carol Sonnie, real name Caroline Muthoni, and ex-lover comedian Mulamwah, even as a section suggest it to be a publicity stunt.

Carol Sonnie has, however, had enough of people what she claims is people posting wrong information about her love life, and explained herself on the matter.

“Hello fam, it’s so BAD seeing people take advantage of the current situation and it’s not even funny…kindly to those who have been posting pictures and saying we are dating please pull them down. This is nothing to play with or rather take advantage of. Sio fiti manze. You are creating a very bad image out there and it’s not good for me and my little angel,” read part of her post on Instagram.

She went ahead to address the rumors about the legitimacy of her daughter, with claims that she probably could not be Mulamwah’s child, hence a need for a DNA test.

“And for those insisting that we should do a DNA to confirm things, that is up to me and mulamwa to decide. They are private matters and Keila has NOTHING to do with our differences. Please don’t make this situation harder than it is already for us fam,” read the rest of her post.

Despite the efforts of the pair to shun down the rumors and make it clear via their social media pages that they are no longer an item and that their split was amicable, it all seems as though none of their fans is willing to come to terms with the fact that their favorite couple called it quits.