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Comedian Mulamwah’s partner Ruth Karegi shares breastfeeding challenges

Ruth K, girlfriend of popular comedian Mulamwah, has candidly shared her struggles with breastfeeding her one-week-old son on her YouTube channel.

The mother of one spoke openly about dealing with cracked nipples, shedding light on the realities of early motherhood.

In her video, Ruth K expressed the excitement surrounding the birth of her child, but she also addressed the unexpected challenges she faced, particularly with breastfeeding.

“There was excitement after my child was born. Oh new mum in town. But someone hinted about cracked nipples. It looked good and all enjoyment but kwa ground it was different. There were some wounds which are very painful. I have even shed tears. Motherhood is a good experience but it was not easy,” she shared.

Ruth K’s honesty about the difficulties she encountered resonated with many mothers who have faced similar struggles.

Despite the pain and tears, she emphasized the importance of the bonding experience that breastfeeding provides between mother and child.

“You breastfeed with a lot of struggles but also on the other hand, that is the best time to bond with your child,” she added.

The comedian’s partner concluded her video by reaching out to other mothers, asking who else had experienced similar challenges and how they coped with the early stages of motherhood.

In a post on February 10, Mulamwah and Ruth K introduced their son, Oyando Junior, to their followers, expressing their profound love and commitment to nurturing him into a responsible individual.

Ruth K’s heartfelt message encapsulated the sheer bliss of motherhood, as she cradled her newborn son in her arms.

“From the moment I first held you in my arms, I just knew you were the missing puzzle in my life,” she wrote.

“Can’t wait to make more memories with you and watch you grow into the incredible person you are loved so much baby Kalamwa.”

Mulamwah, brimming with pride, hailed his son as the heir to his legacy. “God is great, finally our boy is here, the heir is here, the king is here,” he exclaimed.

“Welcome to the world my son, it’s the best feeling in the world to finally see and hold you. Can’t wait for us to grow and make memories together.”

In a touching tribute to his partner, Mulamwah expressed gratitude for Ruth K’s unwavering support.

“Thanks for standing by my side always, I feel whole again, I feel restored,” he said. “I am happy, families are now happy, the whole world is happy.”

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