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Comedian Njugush says ailment that almost cost him a mega gig

Blessed Njugush has opened up on how a sudden contraction of flu almost cost him a mega performance.

The actor, born Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, is among the big names in the Kenyan entertainment scene and also boasts millions of followers on social media.

He says the ailment struck when he was about to perform his show, Through Thick and Thin episode 3.

Via a recent episode on his YouTube channel, the comedian shared about how the flu got too severe to a point he was losing his voice.

“It was chaos. we were backstage at the time I was so tense let me tell you, if you remember TTNT: 1 and 2 had issues. I had so much flu,” he explained.

The comedian further disclosed the extreme panic and worry lead him to develop severe anxiety as he was afraid that he would lose his voice while performing.

“The whole of that time I was walking around with medicine in a cup. I was bloated let me tell you I was so medicated my head was heavy I just wanted to get over and done with. I just wanted us to quickly start and finish the show,” he narrated.

He added saying, “I was so anxious if you saw me pacing backstage a lot of people didn’t know my voice was going so what if it went during the show at the time the MC was announcing my entry?”

The comedian’s wife also expressed the concerns she had at the time saying she knew things were bad the day before the show.

“His voice was disappearing, his flu was crazy, and started like a week before,” she said.

Recalling their experience, Celestine said hilariously, “That day there was traffic like crazy the kind where you put the car on the side switch off the engine,”

As a result, their son Tugi almost missed the show having been stuck in traffic for 2 hours.

Celestine added saying, “The one meant to pick him told us he was stuck at globe, so we asked him he didn’t tell us earlier, so we got another driver to pick him up , so they were stuck in town, it was raining it was bad,”