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Commercial sex worker gets five hours sentence for stealing from errant client

A commercial sex worker shocked a court with her admission of stealing a cellphone from a client who refused to pay for service rendered.

Lilian Nyokoa Ngota, 37, who admitted stealing a Huawei mobile phone valued at Sh10,000 during the festive season last year, was however let off the hook with a light sentence.

“I had to get him pay for service rendered. He attempted to be smart but he had it wrong. He had to pay. I took away his phone after he said he had no money to pay for my service,” the accused submitted in mitigation.

Her bold admission caused the magistrate to wonder aloud: “I’m bewildered at the courage with which both Nyokoa and the complainant (Joseph Gitonga Mwenda) handled themselves in making public admissions of what they deed under the cover of dusk.”

And although the court appeared sympathetic to her predicament, Nyokoa was sentenced to five hours of community service at the Law Courts.


The accused narrated how she met the complainant, who was drank at the time, and how they agreed to get intimate in exchange for money.

The pair proceeded to book a room at a lodging but upon completion of their sexual engagement the man said he had no money to pay for the service rendered.

The accused said that she was left with no option other than taking away the man’s phone as payment since she has children to feed and other bills to pay.

The complainant who claims that he also lost Sh42,000, later reported the incident at Central Police Station and with the assistance of  Safaricom, the cellphone was traced to Zimmerman where the accused was arrested.

In court, Ms Nyokoa admitted stealing the phone but denied stealing the money.