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Congolese Rhumba icon Mbilia Bel performs at veteran broadcaster Fred Machoka’s 70th birthday

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 10th, 2023 2 min read

Fred Machokaa, the revered radio presenter with 46 years of experience, marked his 70th birthday in grand fashion on Saturday, September 10, with a vibrant gathering held at his picturesque ranch in Isinya, Kajiado County.

The colorful celebration was attended by a host of well-wishers, including family, friends, media colleagues, and esteemed guests.

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Adding an unforgettable musical touch to the festivities, the legendary Congolese Rhumba sensation Mbilia Bel graced the event with her enchanting performance, sharing her talent as a token of admiration for the veteran broadcaster.

Mbilia Bell, with her soulful voice and captivating presence, declared that she had come to entertain a beloved brother in Fred Machokaa.

The two shared a dance that warmed the hearts of all present before Fred indulged in a special dance with his beautiful wife, Sophie, setting the tone for a night of cherished memories.

The event was filled with heartfelt tributes from family, friends, and bosses from Royal Media Services (RMS), all of whom shared touching stories and warm wishes for Machokaa’s milestone birthday.

As a grand finale, Fred and Sophie, his devoted wife, cut a magnificent and stylish cake, symbolizing the culmination of his 70th birthday celebration. The cake was shared with those in attendance, spreading the joy and sweetness of the occasion.

In a touching speech, Sophie expressed her profound love for her husband, recalling the journey they embarked on together.

“Let me tell you, when I married you, I did not know the man I was marrying. I was marrying a stranger, the only difference is I loved him to bits, and he loved me back,” she said.

She described Fred as not just a life partner but a multifaceted figure in her life, encompassing roles as a pillar of strength, a mentor, a father, and a business partner.

“You are so many different things to me that I did not know at that time you became my husband. You’re my pillar of strength, you’re my hope when all is falling apart, you’re the father of my children, the grandfather of my grandchildren, you’re my business partner, you’re my mentor,” she said.

Fred’s daughter, Angel Machoka, expressed her gratitude for the privilege of knowing her father on a personal level.

She described him as a loving and kind-hearted individual, revealing a side of him that the public often doesn’t see.

“I am grateful that you are my dad and I am privileged to see a side of you that other people don’t see. I get to see a loving man and a kind person.”

Addressing his guests, the celebrant, affectionately known as “Uncle Fred,” reflected on his four-decade-long career in the media industry.

He expressed his desire to continue enjoying the work he loves, thanking his family, fans, and most importantly, his wife, for the unwavering support that has been a constant throughout his remarkable journey.

“This has been a real support that I don’t forget. My family, fans and my wife. Media is like smoke, use the opportunity wisely and just know that your fans are the ones who will build your life.”