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Content creator Murugi Munyi opens up about her 16 body piercings

Renowned content creator Murugi Munyi took to her Instagram stories to offer fans and followers a glimpse into her personal life, sharing details about herself that many might not have known.

“Get to know me,” she began.

In this candid session, Murugi shared her age, height, birthday, favorite food and drink, and surprised her audience with the revelation of having 16 body piercings.

“Tattoos – 5 of them, piercings – 16 of them,” she disclosed.

Responding to a curious fan questioning the location of the piercings, Murugi clarified, “I have seven piercings in each ear and then a nose piercing and a belly piercing.”

Despite the customary use of jewelry or adornments with body piercings, Murugi confessed:

“Maybe 2024 will be the year I actually put earrings in all of them lol. Some of the ear ones I think are blocked by now.”

As the festive season approaches, Murugi revealed her Christmas plans, indicating she will be spending it in South Africa with her family.

In a revealing flashback, the 33-year-old shared her journey from being a math tutor at Kagumo, earning Sh.1000 a day for three days a week during a holiday job stint.

She later transitioned through various roles in the corporate world before ultimately bidding farewell to that chapter of her life.

Offering relationship advice, Murugi emphasized the importance of recognizing doubts in a relationship.

“Once you find yourself starting to think, ‘Should I breakup with this person?’ Then the answer is most definitely yes! YES, you should break up with them because you would not be thinking of that if you genuinely loved them,” she stated firmly.

In November, she also confessed that she had quit alcohol over a near-death experience.

“For some reason, there’s disbelief among you all, but let me share what I endured last week; even the mere mention of the word Alcohol is enough to make me feel nauseous.”

She pleaded with Kenyans to refrain from mocking her, emphasizing that it was not a joke.

“But consider this, when a year passes—like by next November—and I can confidently say I quit alcohol following my near-death experience, you won’t grasp the intensity of my emotions last Saturday.”