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Controversial gospel star Mary Lincoln to be ordained into ministry

Renowned Kikuyu gospel musician Mary Lincoln is embarking on a new chapter in her spiritual journey as she prepares to be ordained at the Priesthood Church in Kiambu County.

The esteemed Priesthood Church, led by the revered Kikuyu clergyman Pastor JJ, will witness Mary Lincoln’s formal acceptance into the ordained ministry.

The event will take place on May 12.

In recent times, Lincoln has demonstrated her commitment to spreading the gospel through her participation in preaching activities both at the Kiambu-based church and via her influential Facebook platform.

Despite her dedication to her faith, Mary Lincoln has not been immune to the challenges of public scrutiny.

Leaked photos

In November 2022, she found herself embroiled in controversy when intimate photos of her surfaced online.

In response to the incident, Lincoln sought solace and redemption through prayer, joining fellow gospel artists including Shiro Wa GP, Joyce Irungu, Anne Lawrence, Karangu Muraya, and Judie Masila in a heartfelt repentance session at the Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Church.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Mary Lincoln acknowledged the power of repentance and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to renew her commitment to serving God.

“Our God is merciful and offers those who repent a second chance to resume service to him,” she said.

Addressing the viral footage that brought her under public scrutiny, Lincoln emphasized her renewed resolve to focus on her ministry and spreading the message of God’s love and forgiveness.

“What is important is that I am now full of renewed energy to continue ministering and spreading the love of our merciful and forgiving God,” she affirmed.

Following the prayer session, Mary Lincoln took to her social media platforms to extend her gratitude to those who supported her.

“Thank you for your love…. Bishop Michael Wanderi and Rev David Mwangi for the prayers…May God bless you,” she said.

Mary Lincoln’s marital controversy

Mary Lincoln’s personal life has been a subject of public interest and speculation over the years.

Raising her three daughters as a single mother after parting ways with her husband years ago, Mary Lincoln found herself at the centre of attention when she entered a traditional marriage with a popular radio personality.

However, despite their union, the couple eventually separated.

In November 2023, Mary found herself refuting rumours regarding her alleged marriage to the renowned Kikuyu media personality, Njogu Wa Njoroge.

Reports of a traditional ceremony in 2020, attended by media personalities and celebrities, had sparked public interest in their relationship.

Njogu wa Njoroge also hosted a vibrant birthday celebration for Mary in 2021.

However, despite the apparent affection between them, the couple has noticeably withdrawn from public view for over a year, leaving fans curious about the status of their relationship.

According to close sources, Mary Lincoln faced further turmoil when private images of her were leaked online, leading to public embarrassment.

It’s reported that she was ousted from their residence on Kiambu Road by Njogu Wa Njoroge.

In an interview with Kameme FM, Mary Lincoln chose to remain tight-lipped about her marital status.

She clarified that no one has paid her dowry, dismissing claims of a union with the media personality.

“I also saw those traditional wedding photos, but my question is, are there no events you attend and find yourself wearing similar outfits? I later came to learn that people were saying I was married. My dad has not received any dowry from any man.”