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County govt accused of starving Covid-19 patients

Tharaka-Nithi Government has denied starving Covid-19 patients admitted at Chuka County Referral Hospital isolation ward.

In a press statement on Tuesday, County health executive, Dr Gichuyia Nthuraku accused one of the patients, a 28-year-old woman of maliciously spreading the propaganda for unknown reasons.

He said the woman and a 65-year-old man who are admitted at the facility have been getting food and other needs appropriately and that they are responding well to treatment.

He said the woman, who was booked at the isolation room on Sunday, had escaped from another hospital where she had earlier been admitted but was later nabbed.

In a phone call to the family members, the woman claimed that she had not been given food for two days and that she wanted to either be released for home-based care or her kin be allowed to bring her food.

“The patients are getting food and other requirements as required and there can be no reason to starve patients,” said Dr Nthuraku.

Dr Nthuraku said patients should address their grievances using the right hospital channels instead of calling outsiders.

The official warned journalists against being used to spread propaganda by reporting unverified content aimed at ruining the health department’s reputation.

“This is not a picnic site; it’s a hospital and you should not try to massage the ego of some people with other bad motives,” he said.

He added that they are ready to scan the patient’s stomach to confirm that she had been eaten food.

He also rubbished claims that health officers handling the Covid-19 patients do not have Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and that is the reason why they fear attending the patients.