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Court orders MCA to pay Sh7k monthly child support to ex-lover

The Nyeri County Assembly Majority Leader Duncan Gituanja has been ordered by a court to pay Sh7,500 monthly support to a child he bore with his former girlfriend pending determination of a suit on paternal responsibility .

Ms Virginia Wanjiru Mbende sued Mr Gituanja on August 14, 2015 for refusing to take up his parental role.

Through Lawyer Gori Obwogi, Ms Mbende is arguing that she met with Mr Gituanja sometime in May 2013 and they become friends.


The Kabaru ward representative  frequently visited her house during their courtship and that subsequently she conceived and gave birth to one child.

According to a witnesses statement filed by Ms Evely Gacheri Bundi, a friend of Ms Mbenda, Mr Gituanja was not hiding his intentions towards Ms Mbenda and would openly say that he was attracted to her.

“I am aware that Duncan used to come to Virginia’s house severally bringing her gifts. I also heard him say he intended to buy a ring with a view of engaging her and in fact he was to buy a diamond ring,” state Ms Bundi in the affidavit.

Ms Bundi said after sometime in December 2013, Ms Virginia disclosed that she had conceived and that Mr Gituanja had initially reacted positively.


“He started having mixed reactions as months went by. The baby was born in April 7, 2014 at Mathari hospital but Duncan did not go to see the baby after they were discharged,” she said.

She alleges that after weeks passed, he stopped visiting Virginia.

Ms Mbenda is arguing that Mr Gituanja had promised to marry her before and after the birth of the baby but never lived up to his promise.

She wants Mr Gituanja to be compelled to take up his parental responsibilities by making a regular monthly contribution for upkeep and maintenance of the baby.

“I have single-handedly been bringing up the child since she was born,” said Ms Mbenda.


Initially when she moved to court on August 14, 2015 she was demanding a monthly support of Sh32, 600. She is now demanding to be given Sh52000 per month by Mr Gituanja.

In his defence, Mr Gituanja had initially  denied being involved in an intimate affair with Ms Mbenda that resulted in the birth of a baby girl.

His lawyer later said that Mr Gituanja does not dispute being the father of the child and that he is willing to pay monthly upkeep to the child.

He nonetheless avers that parental responsibility be shared equally and said that Ms Mbenda’s prayers are calculated to extort money from him and are not in the interest of the child.

Senior resident Magistrate Joan Wabilianga ordered that the two parties file affidavits of their means of livelihood on February 29.