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Court throws out bid to block swearing by Bible

A petition filed by a city pastor seeking for an order to stop the use of the Bible in swearing officials in public institutions has been dismissed.

Mr Justice David Majanja dismissed the case saying it was not founded on the constitution or any law.

“The court is not competent to make judgments on religious suitability of taking an oath on the Bible and the spiritual consequences of doing so unless such a requirement is a breach of the constitution,” said Mr Majanja.

Pastor David Gitahi who filed the case said he was not satisfied with the court’s decision and that he will challenge it through an appeal.

“I did not have a lawyer, but I will engage one so that I can move to the court of appeal,” said Mr Gitahi, who added that he will pursue the matter to the end to ensure the Bible is not used for swearing public officials.

The Judge said the pastor and others who believe that taking an oath on the Bible violates their sacred principles have the freedom to decline to take an oath that offends their beliefs.