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Creative manenoz: 9 surprising uses for fireplace ashes

When the embers in your fireplace have dimmed, and the wood ashes are left behind, don’t be too quick to dispose of them.

Kenyans are discovering innovative ways to repurpose fireplace ashes, turning them into a versatile and sustainable resource for various household and gardening needs.

Here are 12 ingenious uses for fireplace ashes that might just change the way you approach waste:

1. Alter Soil pH:
Wood ashes, being alkaline, can help balance the pH of your soil. If your garden’s soil is too acidic for certain plants, mix in some ashes to create a more conducive environment for healthy growth.

2. Eliminate Foul Odors:

Place a small bowl of ashes in the fridge to naturally deodorize and absorb excess moisture.

It works similarly to baking soda, leaving your refrigerator smelling fresh.

3. Polish Silver:

Create a paste by mixing ashes with water and use it to polish silver and other metals. Gently rub the paste onto the metal, rinse, and wipe it clean for a natural shine.

4. Add to the Compost Pile:

Boost the nutrient content of your compost by adding a layer of wood ashes each time you contribute kitchen scraps.

This natural addition enhances plant growth when the compost is ready for use.

5. Repel Pests from Flower Beds:

Keep pests like snails and slugs away from your flower and vegetable beds by sprinkling a thin layer of ashes.

The natural drying properties of ash repel these moisture-sensitive creatures.

6. Fertilize Grass:

Enhance your lawn without spending on fertilizers.

The alkaline nature of wood ashes balances soil pH, promoting grass growth and fertility.

Use it moderately and water the grass afterward.

7. Get Rid of a Musty Smell:

Combat musty smells in poorly ventilated spaces by placing a bowl of wood ashes.

Their alkaline nature helps absorb moisture and eliminate unwanted odors.

8. Absorb Humidity:

Place a bowl of wood ashes in small, humid spaces like bathrooms or basements to draw out moisture from the air, effectively reducing humidity.

9. Make Your Own Soap:

Wood ashes are a key ingredient in soap making, naturally generating lye without the need for additional chemicals.

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