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Oscar Sudi ‘debuts’ on Ngong based matatu

In what would perhaps rank as a befitting tribute following his earlier life as a matatu conductor, Oscar Sudi has had his image indexed on the exterior of a Nairobi bus.

The Kapseret lawmaker’s political stock has been on the rise in recent times, perhaps as a reward for standing with President William Ruto during the challenging campaign period in the run-up to the 2022 presidential elections.

Since, his influence has transcended the conventional realms of politics and spilled into the vibrant canvas of matatu culture, making him a pop culture icon.

An outspoken politician who is whispered to have President William Ruto’s ear, Sudi has cultivated a presence that extends beyond traditional avenues of influence.

The latest testament to his growing prominence is his face gracing the exterior of a matatu belonging to the Ngong-based K-Trans Sacco.

The matatu, adorned with graffiti featuring Sudi’s visage, has become a rolling tribute to the political heavyweight.

Taking to Instagram, K-Trans Sacco proudly showcased their unique addition to the matatu scene.
The post featured an image of the matatu with Sudi’s face prominently displayed alongside a caption that read:

“You have a right to have some time to yourself. Please take care of yourself. Keep it K-Trans.”
The post not only celebrated the matatu’s distinctive artwork but also conveyed a message of self-care, aligning with Sudi’s larger-than-life persona.

The matatu culture, a unique facet of Nairobi’s urban experience, has garnered international recognition.
Forbes, a global authority on lifestyle and travel, even recommended riding in a matatu as one of the must-have experiences when visiting Nairobi.

The K-Trans Sacco’s decision to feature Oscar Sudi on their matatu adds a new dimension to the intersection of politics and pop culture within the matatu scene.

Matatu culture, characterized by vibrant graffiti and artistic expressions, reflects contemporary pop culture trends.

Movie titles, characters, religious symbols, and depictions of both local and international celebrities adorn these moving canvases.

The evolution of matatu culture is an ongoing phenomenon, with players in the industry anticipating that the best is yet to come.

A confessed hustler, Sudi is also known as a man of deep pockets who consistently courts controversy by his words or action.

He is currently battling a court case in which he is accused of forging academic documents.

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