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CS Macharia directs Kenya Railways to step up services amid matatu crisis

Transport CS James Macharia has directed Kenya Railways to increase the number of commuter trains on all its routes as the Matatu crisis continues.

In a statement released on Monday morning, the CS further instructed Kenya Railways to reduce their fare by 10 percent until normal public transport services resume.

“As the government continues to enforce the Traffic law to improve road safety and management of the sector, the public is requested to support the government efforts in order to realise the long-term benefits for all Kenyans,” said Mr Macharia.


He continued: “Therefore to ensure the public will be able to continue with their day to day activities in Nation building, Kenya Railways corporation is hereby directed to increase the number and frequency of commuter trains on all routes and also reduce the fare by 10 percent.”

Residents in different parts of the city were left stranded at bus stops as PSV operators withdrew their vehicles from the roads to protest against the government enforcement of the Michuki rules.

Some were forced to walk to their places of work while others, who were able to get the few Matatus that were working paid double the amount of fare.

The Kenya Railway has already responded by sharing a timetable of the additional trips it will be making on different rail routes. A particular route will have two trains in the morning on different hours and two trains in the evening.

Below is the full timetable: