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Cuban doctor scolded after twerking in club on off day – VIDEO

A female Cuban doctor has been scolded after she was caught on tape twerking at a club during off hours.

Revellers at the Hola City pub, Tana River County were over the weekend treated to a Cuban way of dance.

Family Doctor, identified as Melody Charmyrian, took to the dance floor to prove that she was not just good in medicine alone; she could twerk as well.

It started with a daring pose, then a beautiful smile, a shake here and a step there before she whirled her waist, giving her audience a great performance.


The doctor, who was hanging out with a bunch of friends, amazed onlookers with her dancing prowess, which took the confidence of the long awaited Cuban touch to a different level.

A few onlookers said the doctors have a good relationship with locals.

However, sources at the department of health told Nairobi News that the hospital administration scolded her for the dance.