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Davido makes Sh22million from fans’ donations and P-Square follow suit

An online dare by Nigerian singer David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has made him Sh40 million richer, all thanks to his fans.

The award-winning artiste took to his Twitter account challenging his fans to send him money, if they believe he has given them hit songs. He followed the tweet with a post capturing his bank account details.

“If u know I’ve given you a hit song  … send me money …. una know una selves oo… David Adeleke, Wema Bank Account Number:0123044967,” tweeted Davido.

Davido pulled the stunt to the chagrin of critics who were rather skeptical about his decision to publish such a post, saying that it might expose him to ridicule.

Surprisingly, his fans started sending him money.

For instance @LilFavoDeyHere shared a bank receipt showing that they have transferred one million Nigerian Naira to the singer.

“Your song resurrected my grandmother the day they wanted to bury her as DJ played “Fall and If” she raised up and said “I’m alive” I’m giving you this one million enjoy yourself,” she wrote.

Another fan named @kessy_leo_ sent one million Naira saying, “Accept this token.”

@UwajeOsita sent 5,000,000 Naira – the equivalent to Sh1,360,391.

Earlier, Davido told his fans that he was only looking to raise 100 million Naira to enable him to clear his Rolls Royce at the port.

But the contribution came in all night totalling to Sh40 million.

“Omo nah like joke I start this thing oo. I know say una love me but una love me like this?? I’m actually crying!! Just be good to pple man!!!! God! I really love you guys man!” said Davido.

A few minutes later Paul Okoye, formerly of P-Square also followed suit. Putting up his own bank account details.

He asked fans to contribute towards the celebration of their birthday as he and his twin brother, Peter, turn 40 years old.

“Starting from @obi_cubana and @judeengees even @davido ? let’s show @davido that 2 heads are better than 1☝?….. Everything na double double,” wrote Paul on Instagram.