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KJ embarrassed at Uhuru’s rally in Dagoretti

Dagoretti South parliamentary candidate John Kiarie was publicly embarrassed during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s rally in his constituency.

The crowd that had attended the rally kept chanting the name of Kiarie’s opponent Dennis Waweru as the president took to the stage.

Kiarie trounced Waweru in the Jubilee Party nominations but the sitting MP is vying as an independent candidate.

The incident happened on Friday after Deputy President William Ruto had introduced all leaders present except Kiarie.

Kiarie told Ruto as he was about to welcome the President to speak, “Niko hapa, niko hapa mzee.”

Ruto responded, “Atasema mambo yako we relax,” before continuing to invite the President.


The president’s address was shortly delayed by youths who were continuously chanting “Denno, Denno.”

Mr Waweru who was present in the rally kept signaling the youths to settle down as President Kenyatta asked them to lower the banners.

As the president went on with his speech, it was interrupted again by “Denno” chants and at that point the president said, “Hata nyinyi watu wa Denno ni wetu, tulieni.”

The youths went quiet for a while but at some point the president had to say, “I know Denno more than you do, na yeye ni mtu yangu. Hata Denno, atakuwa ndani ya serikali.”

The President urged all Jubilee supporters to ensure the party wins all seats in Nairobi County.

At the end of his address, Kiarie said in the background, “Please say something about me.”