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Dear Senje, here’s how to bag and date a younger man

By Winnie Mabel February 17th, 2024 3 min read

They are exciting, adventurous, energetic and have fresh perspectives on anything and everything. Their youth provides you, Senje, with the feeling of being young at heart despite being the older woman looking to date younger men.

Unlike older men who have established their lives and are set in their ways or dating men of the same age who experience life the same way you currently do, younger men are more open minded about life, enthusiastic, have way less emotional or past relationship baggage and do not care much about traditional gender roles and stereotypes like older men. Their physique works in their favor and their capabilities of intimately satisfying older women rank higher than older men.

Simply, it is easier and more joyful being with them than with older males. So, Senje (aunty), how do you go about finding such a younger lover and dating for a while?

You want to examine at the emotional maturity of the younger man who has caught your attention. Remember, these people are younger than you and so, have not faced many things in life. You have to evaluate how this guy handles life’s matters including love. Don’t just go for a pretty face with a great body. You will be inviting character development into your life if you don’t evaluate before going to the next step with him.

After silently evaluating, you now want to approach him with your heart on your sleeve. Obviously, at this time, he ticks all the boxes on your list about the type of man you want embracing you moving forward. Keep in mind that he might be daunted by an older woman expressing interest in him. You must delicately balance your confidence in ‘bagging’ them and being cautious.

Start by establishing a friendly connection with the younger man based on your shared interests or mutual respect. When your gut and feminine instincts tell you that the time is right, express your romantic interest in a subtle yet respectful manner so that he does not run off wailing into the wind. Try and suggest a a casual outing or engaging in meaningful conversation to see how you feel about each other.

While it is easier for females to convince men to do things using their feminine whiles, be mindful of this younger guy’s feelings and boundaries. Give him space to make sense of your interest in him and how he would feel getting into a situation with you. This space will work in your favor because you are giving him control over the making of the final decision.

If he agrees to date you, show him your gratitude for taking the huge leap and going against custom to date you. Show him that you are happy he is in your life and acknowledge his value to you. You should also embrace a sense of adventure because the relationship is a novel in itself. Keep the relationship going by participating in new and exciting activities together. This will help the both of you deepen the bond between you and allow for trust to be built.

As it will be the two of you “against the world” with your relationship, together, you must work to embrace, overcome and celebrate the challenges that come your way in the form of criticism. Be open with him on the forms of challenges that will arise in the relationship so that he is not blindsided or treated like a victim by outsiders because he is younger.

At the end of the day, be a pillar of positivity for him. Help him stay positive about the relationship, focused on the strengths and joy he derives from it rather than all the associated stereotypical problems that come with such a relationship.

Also, try your best to not baby him, look down on him or treat him as an inferior just because you are the one who approached him. This will only send him packing and ghosting you back into your age group where the dating pool is murky and swampy at best.

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