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Decoding new sheng in Mbogi Genje’s latest track ‘Zimepanda’

The evolution of sheng over the years has seen it slowly turn into an ever-changing lingua franca which makes even those who thought they had a mastery of it appear clueless.

And now Mbogi Genje from Umoja in Eastlands, which is known as the birthplace of sheng, have taken sheng evolution to a whole new level.


Their new gengetone track titled Zimepanda, featuring VDJ Jones, Iano Ranking of Wakali Wao, Militan from Mbogi Genje, Bussa J, Joseph hill from Team Psycho and Calif, is a lyrical sheng masterpiece.

They all deliver verse after verse in a language that not many people can relate to, leave alone understand.

But going by the more than 100,000 views and likes that Zimepanda has so far attracted on YouTube, the new track seems to be resonating with artistes’ fans.


One verse that has caught the attention of everyone is by MIlitan of Mbogi Genje.

His lyrics are in sheng, which many would be deceived to think is a new language, although it’s all in new sheng vocabulary from Umoja area code 35-60.

His lyrics are difficult to grasp but with a bit of help from sheng experts, we can break it down here for you.

Gusling tispo ni ya kibla – drinking beer for a blackout.

Nditni dibla ile genje – inside prison is a lot of trouble.

Inigri mi hurieng kaa di shock dem – inside I organize them till they wonder.

Mambeko zinamwok ni mogatha – the girls coming are beautiful.

Kanairo govana ni mjamo – Nairobi the governor is one.

Lagunya scomo ni makibre – shoes do more like brakes.

Inagunya nimemwok kaa palmer – when there is a beat, I come like a world boss.

Nikipaa kila yut ni dangulo – when I make it, every youth will have a house.

Kwa ngife baroda imemokre – in the bank, money has filled.

Ma tbn kuwabambua mashashken – to be negative is giving them a lot of weed.

Kamilia team snadi pocha nyagu – you come, we eat chapati and meat.

Militan mi uwaria tu frontline – Militan I can’t move from the frontline.

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