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Did Diamond’s ex Wema Sepetu fake a pregnancy?

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu on Thursday confirmed that she had lost her unborn twins.

Her disclosure was however met with discontent as fans doubted if she had been pregnant at all.

Ms Sepetu, who was Diamond Platinumz’s girlfriend before the singer hooked up with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, had been silent about her pregnancy until her current boyfriend ex-BBA Idris Sultan shared the news on Instagram weeks ago.

Idris on Tuesday this week posted a heartbreaking message that their unborn twins were no more. Many faulted him for announcing the pregnancy in the first place.

A day later, Ms Sepetu went on record on the same, but only served to stoke claims that the two were taking their fans on a ride.

An article on one of Tanzania’s popular blogs, Bongo 5, insinuated that the pregnancy news was just a publicity stunt.

In the article, the writer recounted how the actress had previously been accused of presenting herself with a businessman’s Range Rover claiming that it was hers.

It also highlighted a previous incident of electricity theft involving Ms Sepetu’s boyfriend, and which was captured on video.

Ms Sepetu bitter exchange with Zari over the paternity of the socialite’s baby also seemed to have rubbed her fans wrongly as they accused her of dragging an innocent child into their disagreement.

Ms Sepetu has in the past spoken candidly about her pregnancy in a radio interview with Clouds FM.

Nilikuwa natakiwa kwenda kufanya ‘process’ ya kusafisha kizazi, nikamwambia daktari wangu kuwa natakiwa kusafisha kizazi ila nikamwambia kuwa nime’miss’ period zangu, akaniambia kabla sijasafisha kizazi nipime kwanza kama nina ujauzito,’’said Ms Sepetu.