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Diamond’s manager Babu Tale explains why he would never leave Wasafi

Babu Tale, the manager of renowned Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz, has shed light on the only way the singer could possibly part ways with the Wasafi record label.

In an interview with a Tanzanian radio station, Babu Tale firmly stated that he had no intention of leaving the music label.

He insisted that they had faced many challenges together before finally breaking through and that he would not give up their hard-earned success easily.

While acknowledging the occasional abuse they have received from fans throughout their career, Babu Tale insisted that they are now reaping the rewards of their relentless dedication and hard work.

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He also pointed out that their bond was so intertwined that severing it would have disastrous consequences. Babu Tale expressed his unwavering commitment by declaring that he was even willing to sacrifice a limb to maintain his position at Wasafi.

“If one day Diamond wakes up and says he no longer wants me at Wasafi, I will not budge. We have come a long way and are now enjoying the fruits of our struggles. We face challenges, but we always find ways to resolve them before they escalate,” Babu Tale says confidently.

Diamond has three managers; Babu Tale, Sallam SK Mendez and Mkubwa Fella. The three take turns accompanying Diamond wherever he goes.

In 2022, Babu Tale, who is known for his dual role in the music industry and politics, stood by WCB, stating that the contracts between the label and its artists were not the main reason for their desire to part ways.

The controversy surrounding Wasafi’s business practices arose when P Funk publicly challenged the label, raising concerns about its modus operandi and its detrimental effect on its affiliated artists.

Babu Tale defended the label’s approach, claiming that the contracts in place were not solely responsible for artists’ desire to go solo.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by artists under the label, he insisted that their decisions were multifaceted and influenced by various factors.

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