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Why Diamond Platnumz has shed so much weight

Diamond Platnumz seemed to have embraced a fitness routine and his fans have noticed the returns.

Shedding light on this matter, Mwijaku, a close friend of the popular Tanzanian musician, has openly disclosed the reasons behind the singer’s thinning appearance.

In an interview with Rick Media, Mwijaku provided insights into Diamond Platnumz’s diet as the primary factor contributing to his weight loss.

Mwijaku explained that the singer has been attempting to emulate the habits of international superstars, including their dietary choices.

However, this endeavor has had a detrimental effect on his health, as he strives to be someone he is not.

In June, 2022, Diamond disclosed the reason behind his fitness journey.

He took to Instagram to share a video of himself, shirtless, and showcasing his waist movements.

In the video, Diamond enthusiastically showcased his well-defined abs.

Among those who commented was Peace Hyde, the creator and executive producer of the reality TV series “Young, Famous, and African,” who playfully questioned Diamond’s choice of captivating fans.

“Uncle @diamondplatnumz, why are you playing with people’s blood pressure on a Monday? Is it fair?”

In response to Hyde’s comment, Diamond humorously hinted at his desire to expand his family.

He stated: “You know it’s about time to add another kid…”

In March, Diamond candidly shared his weight of 74kgs with his followers after fans expressed concerns about his health, claiming that he appears thinner than usual.

Under one of Diamond’s recent Instagram posts, an observant user wrote:

“One day we will gather to discuss the health of this man, I’m here.” Similar comments raising concerns about his well-being have also been observed on his other social media platforms.

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