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Did Ugandan MP fall out with her witch doctor after deal went sour?

A Ugandan Member of Parliament has reportedly fallen out with her personal witch doctor in the wake of an estimated Sh2 million deal gone sour.

According to reports in the Ugandan media, Masaka District MP Freda Mubanda paid Uganda shillings 60 million (about Ksh2 million) to her witch doctor who was in turn supposed to “force” two of her rivals to quit the race in the recent election primaries.

This didn’t happen, according to information on NBS TV’s Twitter handle, forcing an understandably incensed Mubanda to “accost” the witch doctor.

The media house posted a series of Tweets on the subject including:

“MP Freda #Mubanda accosts witch doctor after she paid him UGX60m to ‘force’ two rivals out of race but nothing has happened #UgandaDecides”

The Masaka Woman MP (NRM) says the witch doctor promised that her rivals would drop out in 3 days but nothing has happened #UgandaDecides”

These allegations have since led attracted outspoken criticism on social media. Ugandans will to head to the polls to elect their new President and members of parliament early next year.

PICS” MP Fred Mubenda courtesy Daily Monitor..