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Dimple delight: Understanding the 7 types of body dimples

We all know about all the famous personalities who flash those charismatic grins accentuated with dimples.

Well, cheek dimples, scientifically known as Fovea buccalis, have long been hailed as a charming and visually pleasing facial feature.

Universally considered attractive, these subtle craters on one’s visage can effortlessly enhance a person’s appeal.

In the realm of Kenyan politics, where charisma often plays a vital role, some male politicians proudly display these adorable dimples that make hearts flutter.

Some of those smiles are owned by politicians like Johnson Sakaja Arthur, Kimani Ichungwa, Najib Balala, Peter Kenneth and Mutahi Kagwe among others.

Scientifically, cheek dimples owe their existence to the zygomaticus major muscle in the cheek, which splits into two bundles before birth – a superior one positioned above the corner of the mouth and an inferior one below. While this physiological phenomenon has a biological explanation, the impact on aesthetics is undeniable.

While dimples are generally associated with small indentations on the cheeks, there are variations in their appearance, and some are considered rarer. It’s important to note that the presence or absence of dimples is largely determined by genetics.

While some types of dimples may be considered rarer, the uniqueness of each person’s features adds to the diversity of natural beauty.

Here are a few types:

1. Double Dimples: Some individuals may have two dimples on one cheek, known as double dimples. These are less common than the single dimple on each cheek.

2. Chin Dimple: A dimple on the chin is less common but adds a unique charm. It is often referred to as a “cleft chin” or “butt chin.”

3. Back Dimples (Dimples of Venus): Dimples on the lower back, just above the buttocks, are sometimes referred to as “Dimples of Venus.” These are more common in women.

4. Cheek Line Dimples: Instead of forming on the cheeks, some dimples appear along the line where the cheeks meet the jawline.

5. Upper Lip Dimples: Dimples above the upper lip, often called “angel’s kiss” dimples, are rare but can be seen in some individuals.

6. Facial Dimples: Dimples may appear in other areas of the face, such as on the nose or near the eyes.

7. Forehead Dimples: Small indentations on the forehead, also known as “dimpled chins,” can occur in some individuals.