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Do Kenyan celebs need course on how to treat service staff?

We are mostly mesmerized by them, we want to copy their fashion styles, the way they present themselves, beauty secrets since they are the people we secretly look up to – even though some of us might not admit it.

Celebrities, their flamboyant and glamorous lifestyle has made the young generation flying from all angles trying to become one.

However, an incident happened this week that has left many questioning their opinion on these highly celebrated people.

Popular news anchor Lilian Muli, who some consider a celebrity, made headlines this week after a video showing a silhouette of a woman who is alleged to be her, mercilessly giving a waitress a tongue lashing went viral.

In the video the lady was hurling insults at a waitress for serving her with attitude. The waitress had to silently endure the verbal assault.

“What the hell… I come over here and you serve me with attitude… kwani what, I am paying. Get the hell out of my face,” she says.


Netizens were divided on how Ms Muli lost her cool, with some justifying her actions while others thought the prime time news anchor went overboard.

Is it that the society has higher expectations of people who are in the limelight? We expect them to behave and carry themselves like gods with the highest decorum – whilst they are only human.

The news anchor is not the only celebrity who has been bashed for losing their cool, not long ago P-Unit group member Gabu was accused of assaulting a waitress at a Nairobi club.

According to a Twitter user who shared the ordeal on social media, the rapper started throwing a tantrum after a sheesha he had ordered took longer than expected to arrive at his table.

Whether they are full of themselves for being famous, all celebrity’s should realize that the status comes at price; by being famous you forfeited your right to privacy and anything you say and do will be put under the microscope by your fans and haters.

Do not blame anyone if you end up skewered and served on a plate like mshkaki – just ask Congolese singer Koffi Olomide.