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DP Gachagua: ‘We are happy youths can no longer afford bhang’

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has commended the positive effects of the government’s crackdown against drugs and substance abuse in the region.

During a meeting with county assemblies from Central Kenya in Naivasha, Nakuru County on Thursday, Gachagua said the street value of drugs such as marijuana has increased.

This, he said, is due to the shortage and risk factor, which has heavily impacted dealers.

“I am so happy that since we started this exercise in Central Kenya region, a joint of bhang that was going at Sh100 is now going for Sh400. That is good progress,” said Gachagua.

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He also emphasized the importance of regulating illicit brews and clamping down on the mushrooming wines and spirits outlets.

Gachagua proposed that MCAs should regulate the opening of wines and spirits outlets and increase the requirements needed to open the retail outlets.

“You should at least own a car before buying alcohol at a wines & spirits shop. What business does someone walking have drinking wines and spirits?” he joked.

Mr Gachagua urged the stakeholders, including MCAs, senators, investigative agencies, prosecutors, legal drafters, Nacada, Kebs and Anti-Counterfeit Agency to be creative in coming up with measures to crackdown on alcohol and substance abuse.

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He suggested that the same theory used for drugs like marijuana could be applied to alcohol, so manufacturers stop producing cheap alcohol, making it unavailable to those who can’t afford high-priced alcohol.

Gachagua also shared his personal experience, recalling that during his younger years, there were only two retail outlets selling liquor at Karatina market. He added that alcohol was a preserve of the wealthy and people who had achieved a level of success.

Gachagua said that by regulating the number of outlets, the government will control the availability of alcohol and curb substance abuse in the region.

In April this year, Gachagua tasked the national government administration team to lead efforts in driving out drugs and illicit brews that have ravaged the youth in central Kenya.

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