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Kabarak University speaks after their Facebook page gets hacked

More than 12 hours ago, an Indonesian hacker attacked and gained access to the Facebook page of Kabarak University, a Christian higher learning institution in Kenya.

The hacker posted photos of himself, an unknown woman with heart stickers all over her face and went ahead to post more content that the University said did not align with their Christian values.

A scroll through the Kabarak University page revealed that the hacker posted photos of alcohol, cigarettes, motorcycle riders partying and racing on the streets, music beat sessions from TikTok that also showed half naked men gathered together as well as online gaming sessions.

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As soon as they gained access to the page, the hackers update their photo as the new profile picture and on their second post saying, “Bang ngewe yu bang” which is Javanese and means “I’m sorry” when translated in English.

As Kabarak University students began discussing the hacking in the comment section and calling out the hacker, the hacker responded to some of them using vulgar words Nairobi News cannot publish.

The University has finally issued a statement regarding the incident.

“We regret to inform the public that our official Facebook page has been compromised by a group of cybercriminals. As a result, the criminals are using it to spread malicious and misleading images and information that are contrary to the Bibilical Christian values of Kabarak University. We want to assure our stakeholders and the general public that we are taking all necessary measures to regain control of our page and prevent any further unauthorized access,” the University said.

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The University also called on all the 43,000 followers of their Facebook page to disregard the information being posted on the account and to directly contact them directly through their official website and other verified pages.

“It is important to note that any information of advertisements posted on our Facebook page by these criminals do not represent our institution and we disassociate ourselves from them entirely. We understand that the situation has caused significant disruption to our online presence and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,” the University said in their statement.

Kabarak University further promised to implement more security measures to prevent any future breaches.

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