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Drama as city MCAs walk out of meeting on doctors’ strike

A meeting convened by the Nairobi County Assembly Health Committee to intervene on the doctors strike ended in disarray after it was snubbed by City Hall officials

The Health Committee had summoned officials of the doctors’ union together with County Executives to negotiate a settlement to the standoff on doctor’s delayed salaries.

Those invited were Finance Executive Gregory Mwakanongo, Health Executive Bernard Muia, County Secretary Robert Ayisi and a representative from the Public Service Management Board.

However, only two executives showed up for the Wednesday meeting.

Furious members of the committee demanded an immediate adjournment, citing that County Secretary was a key attendant at the meeting.


In response, committee chairman Manoah Mboku told members that Dr Ayisi had sent a text message to show his unavailability.

“We have just receive a text from Dr Ayisi that he is busy in other business and he will not make it to the meeting,”said Mr Manoah.

This angered the members who demanded that the meeting be postponed to a day Dr Ayisi will be available, terming the communication as unofficial and disrespectful.

Mr Mboku continued chairing the meeting even as a majority of the MCAs walked out in protest chanting ‘No Ayisi, No Meeting’.

MCA Viwandani Samwel Nyagwara, who led the walkout, accused the County Secretary of deliberately missing the meeting and profiteering from the death of patients.

“We know the money City Mortuary is making and some of them in the executive just want money to run their offices,” said Nyangwara.