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Ebru TV host shows off full-body tattoos

Ebru TV talk show host Dana De Grazia has left her fans speechless after showing off her latest body art.

Ms Dana shared a picture of herself displaying her entire back tattooed. The Lets Talk show host, front side of her body is already covered in numerous tattoos capturing different animals and flowers.

“No pain no gain. Posted this to my stories a bit ago but I think it’s wall worthy. Unfinished and it will stay this way until next year,” wrote Ms Dana.

She explains that the reason she has decided to have her full body tattooed is because she has always been in love with tattoos since she was a young girl.


Here are a few reactions from her fans:

“So gorgeus and nicee goal,” said abou.trika.509. “You look great with tattoos but why all this pain and inconvenience?” asked kegankevin.

“Body of satan,” commented agent_kai4.

“Goals am next no gain no pain,” stated buuterbee. “It’s beautiful dear. Really,” commented lucy_nyawira.