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Eight lessons shags women can learn from Nairobi women

The Nairobi woman has to be the most misunderstood individual in the country. She is often not seen for who she truly is.

Here is a look into some of her qualities that others can borrow a leaf from:

1. She has higher standards – A man who is unambitious, anti-social or who doesn’t care about his appearance just won’t cut it with the Nairobi woman. She has worked hard to get where she is and she thus has higher expectations of those she interacts with. She just won’t settle. Those intending to make an acquaintance with her must look the part.

2. She values her career – Men the world over are excused if they put their careers first. After all, they are the providers. Women are expected to put other people before the careers they have invested so heavily in.

The true Nairobi women isn’t afraid to go against the grain. She seeks fulfilment in her own life and her career before she can find it in another person.

3. She does the chase – Men love the thrill of the chase, we have all heard that. The Nairobi woman however isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. She isn’t afraid to walk up to a man and strike a conversation.

And because she can chase, she gets the advantage of being socially particular, she can choose who she gets to be seen with.

4. She is street – When it comes to conning and swindling people money women are always the softest targets, right? Well, if you are talking about the Nairobi woman, you are wrong! She knows her hood and she always has her guard down. She is like a human lie detector who can smell a fraudster from a kilometer away.

5. She makes her own money – The Nairobi woman loves the finer things in life. This shouldn’t be confused to mean that she is a kept woman. She will hold down a job, and have a couple of other side hustles to run her household.

6. She is jaded – She has been there, done that and heard all those pick-up lines. This means that it will take much more effort than a drive down to Naivasha to impress her. Others may not like her very much for it but this keeps out the men she doesn’t need in her life.

7. She is loyal – You can go away for months but you can be sure that the Nairobi woman will stay faithful. This privilege however doesn’t come for free. You need to treat her right. Play your cards right with her and you will have found a loyal mate with the Nairobi woman.

8. She loves football – To start with, she values her free time away from work. Often, she will spend this time watching soccer. If not soccer, then another type of sport. This makes the Nairobi woman a fun companion.