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Eight secret turn offs your man wishes you knew about

It is true, the Nairobi man is not particularly known for his communication skills. This is the one area in relationships where he lacks.

When it comes to matters regarding the bedroom, communication for him becomes even harder. Here is a look into things about sex that your man wishes you knew;

1. It’s also possible for him to not be in the mood – When he tells you that he not in the mood, give him the benefit of doubt. Do not start throwing strange accusations at him. What you have heard about men thinking about sex all day long is not true.

2. He doesn’t want you to like everything that he does – You know how your man suggests that you do something new in the bedroom but you are not up for it but you agree anyway? He knows and he wishes that you would refuse. He is okay if you like different things from what he likes.

3. He doesn’t believe when you say you are on birth control – Unless your man really knows you, the truth is he doesn’t really believe you when you say you are on birth control. He can’t however say anything since he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so he just stays quiet and crosses his fingers.

4. A woman with an attitude – A woman who lets her hair down in the bedroom is a great turn on for a man. One who comes to the bedroom with a long list of check offs on the other hand is a big turn off.

5. Do your part – The Nairobi woman likes a man who is in control of things – that is not news. That said, your man still wants you to do your part even when he in control of the rest.

6. You do not have to look perfect – This should be good news to any woman. While he appreciates every time you make an effort, he doesn’t quite expect you to be perfectly well put together every time. You can relax.

7. Listen – You must have heard that men like a woman who can communicate her needs to her man. What you might not have heard is that he also wants to be listened to. Tell him how you like it but also listen when he tells you how he likes it.

8. The woman who doesn’t get to the big O – Often, it is not her fault when a woman can’t have an orgasm. This however doesn’t mean that it isn’t a big turn off for a man. It makes him feel like less of a man.