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Eight simple ways a man can show his woman love this Christmas


They say that actions speak louder than words. This is especially true for women. All through her life, she hears many untrue things. A man can thus truly love a woman only through his actions. Here are a few suggestions on how to make her feel on top of the world this festive season;

1. Put the toilet seat down – It will take you just two seconds and it won’t cost you any effort. It is possibly your one habit that really annoys your woman. How about making a conscious effort to show some consideration? If you put the toilet seat back down, she will notice it and she will know you care. In return, you will get rewarded.

2. Stay physically close to her – Women love attention, no surprises here. Physical contact sends her the message that you are paying attention. Try staying physically close to her, giving her random hugs and cuddles.

3. Do the dirty work – Take out the trash, fix the bathroom light bulb, fix the leaking sink… These are definitely not romantic acts but the fact that they are intended to make her life easier will get out straight to her heart.

4. Compromise – No, this does not mean changing who you are for your lady. It means agreeing to meet her somewhere in the middle. Agree to watch that chick flick with her, go on that walk with her and give her the remote for the evening. It costs nothing.

5. Public displays of affection – When you hug your woman in public or simply hold her hand as you cross the street, the message you send to her is that you want other people to know about her. You can also send a similar message by introducing her to your closest friends and officially making her part of your inner circle.

6. Loosen the purse strings – Whoever said that a woman’s G-spot is located at the end of the word ‘shopping’ couldn’t have been more right. If you are the type that is more guarded with money, show her love by splurging on her. All woman love surprises.

7. Treat her as an equal partner – By this I mean give her a voice in the relationship. Show her that you value her opinions and her choices. This tells her that she is important to you. It also tells her that you value more than just her looks. It tells her that she is actually adding value to your life.

8. Listen – Especially with the pressures of life today, this may be hard to do. Try setting aside some time during the day when you just look your woman in the eye and listen to what she has to tell you. Other than sending a very strong message that you value her, you just may be very surprised or impressed by the things that she has to say.