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Elsa Majimbo opens up about shocking breakup with DJ Hkeem after scandalous incident

Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo has confirmed her split with American DJ Hkeem after a bizarre incident during a Miami conference last year.

The revelation came through a candid video shared by Majimbo on social media, where she detailed a troubling encounter that ultimately led to the end of her relationship.

According to Majimbo, the incident occurred after her appearance at Coachella when she flew to Miami as a guest speaker for a conference. In her video, she described the distressing moment when the conference organizers faced technical difficulties with the microphone due to her strapless dress. What followed was an alarming solution proposed by an individual, who suggested attaching the microphone to her underwear.

Expressing her disbelief, Majimbo revealed, “I was wearing a strapless dress, so the mic could not hold. So this guy told me that the solution was putting the mic on my panties. He took me to a private room where I thought he would just leave me to do it, but when we got there, we go in, and this guy lifts up my dress, and puts the mic on my panties. I couldn’t believe it.”

Understandably upset by the incident, Majimbo immediately reached out to her boyfriend for support. However, the response she received took her by surprise. She recounted, “My boyfriend then asked me if maybe I had done something to give him the impression that I was flirting with him. So immediately he said that what I told him was ‘I am going to hang up this phone, and you will never see me again, hear from me again, get the chance to smell me again. It will be like I have never existed. And I hang up the phone. And true to my word, he has never heard from me.”

The revelation has left fans and followers shocked, with many expressing their support for Majimbo amidst the difficult situation. Many are commending her courage in sharing such a personal experience and standing up against inappropriate behavior.

DJ Hkeem has yet to respond to the allegations or the breakup, however, the aftermath of this scandal will undoubtedly continue to unfold, leaving fans curious about the future paths of both Majimbo and DJ Hkeem in the public eye.

Prior to their break up, Majimbo and DJ Hkeem were together for a period of one year, having made their relationship public in 2022.