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Emmy Kosgei: Why I don’t have children yet with my Naija husband

By THOMAS MATIKO September 13th, 2018 1 min read

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei has revealed why she is yet to have children with her 60-year-old Nigerian husband Bishop Anselm Madubuko.

Emmy wedded the bishop five years ago and is yet to have a baby.

According to the gospel singer, her childlessness is purely out of choice. She said she did not get married to have children and that she is not in any rush to make babies.

“I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids. Relationships are about unions and destinies. If you are attached to the wrong person, it can affect your destiny permanently,” she is quoted in an interview with Parent magazine.

Emmy further stated that she is just not ready yet to have a child at the moment because her hands are currently full.

“I’m also very busy, but yes I do hope to have my own children one day” she added.

While she awaits her children, Emmy plays a loving step mother to Madubuko’s three children with whom he had with his late wife.

The singer says the children have accepted her and respect her as well.

“My step children respect me and call me mum. I don’t take it for granted,” she added.