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Eric Omondi bails out bodaboda rider who caused drama in court over ‘hefty’ fine

Comedian Eric Omondi has bailed out a bodaboda rider who caused drama at a Nairobi court after failing to pay an Sh25,000 fine for a traffic offence.

Fredrick Munene Mbaru was charged before Milimani Senior principal magistrate Esther Kimilu with driving an uninsured motorcycle.

In another count, Mbaru was charged with driving a motorcycle without a driving licence hence putting the lives of other road users at peril.

State prosecutor Ann Munyua further told the court the accused had failed to honour earlier summons at the traffic court.

The accused pleaded guilty to the offences.

In a short ruling, Ms Kimilu imposed a fine of Sh25,000 on the accused failure to which he would serve three months in prison.

At that point, Mbaru knelt down before the court and rolled on the floor as he pleaded with the court to free him saying he was not in a position to raise the fine and did not want to go to jail.

He told the magistrate that he is the sole breadwinner for his family and that a prolonged absence in jail would put them at risk of being locked out of their rented apartment for failure to pay and also lack food and other basic needs.

“What life is this… Please help me God. Have mercy on me. My children are already suffering what will happen if I am locked up? please reduce this fine. I promise not to repeat the offence. But I need help else my family will suffer,” he said as he loudly wailed.

Despite eventually being subdued and led to the cells, his pleas attracted the attention of the comedian who announced on his socials that he will pay the fine.

“This is what Kenyans are going through out there. It is unfortunate that an adult has to publicly cry for help. I will come through for me but then we have to remember there are millions of his kind out there,” said Omondi.

Omondi has in recent times been involved in demonstrations aimed at putting pressure on President William Ruto’s government to lower the cost of living.

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