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Esther Musila on why mother-in-law missed her wedding

By Naira Habib February 28th, 2022 1 min read

Esther Musila has quashed reports her mother in law did not attend her wedding as she does not approve of her marriage to gospel singer Guardian Angel, real name Peter Omwaka.

Musila recently tied the knot with the singer who is two decades younger and in a recent question and answer session on Instagram says her mother-in-law could not make it for the event as she is based outside the country.

“Why your mom-in-law didn’t attend the wedding?” asked a fan.

“She lives in Canada,” replied Esther Musila.

Another fan inquired why her first-born son did not attend the wedding.

“Why did your firstborn son refuse to attend your wedding,” wrote a fan.

“Who said he refused?” posed Musila, without offering a direct answer.

Besides the speculation, Musila maintains marrying the gospel singer is the best decision she has ever made, considering how happy she is at the moment.

However, she adds that being in the limelight thanks to her relationship with the singer has made her face many challenges in her life.

“Worst challenge in your relationship life?” asked another fan.

“That I have no more privacy. I can’t go anywhere unnoticed. I miss that freedom,” she added.

The two tied the knot in January this year at a secret wedding attended by close friends and family.

Musila and Guardian made public their relationship in 2020 after dating for a while.

Their relationship aroused mixed reactions especially as Musila is 20 years older than the singer.