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Esther Passaris trolled for saying Zimbabwe is hosting 2019 Afcon

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris had a blonde moment online on Saturday morning after claiming that Zimbabwe is the host country for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Ms Passaris, in an early morning tweet, commented on Friday’s match between Zimbabwe and Egypt that marked the beginning of the continental football extravaganza.

In her punditry of the match, which saw Egypt beat Zimbabwe 1-0, she confused the two nations, saying that Zimbabwe would have an advantage for having home support.

“Hmmmm. Zimbabwe! As the host Nation will have ground support. Having said that they are all winners but only one will emerge at the top #AFCON2019 and my prayer and dream is for #HarambeeStars,” tweeted Ms Passaris.

In reality, Egypt is the host country for Afcon. Her post divided opinion on Twitter.


FranklinChes said, “Mama taa I honestly think guys out here just dislike you with no reason thats why they struggle to find fault in every move you make or what you say…anyway let them be hate is confused love.”

Mongoose wrote, “Nobody hates. Had there been someone who hates her hangeshinda kura nairobi, jubilee zone. mama has made a mistake and let her fans correct her.”

Moses Kiplagat commented, “The tweet is very much in order. She was supporting Zimbabwe as the host nation Egypt has home support.”

Benanza mzuri asked, “Meaning Afcon iko zimbabwe ama?”

Ignatius stated, “Egypt is the hosting Nation Ma’am not Zimbabwe #TotalAFCON2019.”

Kevin Odhiambo explained, “This makes a lot of sense. Most people are hasty and too judgemental. They can’t see the exclamation mark. This tweet is fine. Only the simple mind can’t see sense, instead they are quick to throw insults. Stereotype Kenyans!”