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EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Mammito hits back at the body shamers

Comedian Mammito has spoken out against cyberbullying and the use of insensitive jokes.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Mammito said cyberbullying goes beyond just making negative comments about someone, especially when it involves the mention of people who have passed away.

While stating that her small body is her choice, Mammito said she had recently seen people comparing her small body to Shakahola victims survivors.

“It goes deeper than just saying bad things about someone they do not know. It gets extreme when they include people who died in Shakahola. I will be okay if you just come and tell me that I am slim, but it stops being a joke when you mention dead people,” Mammito said.

She also urged people to be more empathetic and kind to one another, especially online.

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“I feel like people need to be empathetic on such. You don’t know their story. Be kind and exercise empathy.”

The former Churchill Show comedian added that while she is used to trolls, she does not condone it.

“I do not condone that extreme trolls. I read somewhere someone asking, ‘We kwani ulikua survivor wa Shakahola?” she said.

Mammito’s sentiments come at a time when cyberbullying has become a major concern, with many public figures, especially women, facing constant online harassment.

She hopes that her message will encourage more people to be more mindful of their words and actions online, and to treat others with kindness and respect.

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Regardless of all the trolls, it appears Mammito has learnt to clapback at the haters. For instance, she recently captioned one photo on her Instagram page: “My cups of joy. Loving myself the way I am.”

In yet another post, she sarcastically launched a fundraising number to mock trolls that she needs help to gain weight.

“Feed this Kenyan comedian send a dollar a day na yakutoa. Make a difference today till NUMBER 5972465 (Eunice Wanjiru).”

Meanwhile, Mammito is currently planning her upcoming show dubbed Kenyan Comedy Company that will take place on the 18th May, 2023 at the Unseen Theatre. Charges are Sh1000 bob per head.

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