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EXCLUSIVE: How matatu accident, surgery changed Betty Kyallo’s life

Betty Kyallo has shared the emotional story of how her first boyfriend ended their relationship after a life-altering accident.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the media personality opened up to the incident, which left her with severe injuries and dashed dreams.

At the young age of 17, the TV girl’s life took a tragic turn when she was struck by a fast-moving bus while crossing the railway tracks, on her way to meet her then-boyfriend who lived in Kayole, a Nairobi suburb.

Recounting the terrifying incident, she shared,

“I was going on a date and an appointment. I was crossing over the railways and a Matatu hit me, ripping off my face. I fell under it, and it dragged me on the tarmac road, causing my skin to peel off on the side of my face.”

The aftermath of the accident was a harrowing journey of physical and emotional recovery.

Betty Kyallo suffered extensive injuries, including a broken jaw, ribs, collarbone, and severely injured legs.

Her lungs were also affected, she says.

She endured a grueling two and a half months in the hospital and underwent a total of seven surgeries, each a step toward rebuilding her shattered body.

Kyallo’s dreams of becoming a news anchor were nearly crushed by the accident.

“I thought the matatu had killed my dream of becoming a news anchor,” she admitted.

However, with the unwavering support and encouragement of her mother, Kyallo found hope in the midst of adversity.

Her mother’s words inspired her to persevere and consider options for reconstructive surgery to aid in her healing process.

Betty Kyallo also faced heartache when her then-boyfriend chose to abandon her during her time of need.

“He left me because I had gotten into an accident? That was very emotional for me,” Kyallo shared.

Her boyfriend’s lack of support and empathy shattered her trust and left her questioning the depth of their relationship.

Years later, life took an unexpected turn when Betty Kyallo and her former boyfriend crossed paths again in a supermarket.

The boyfriend, now regretful of his past actions, expressed a desire to reconcile but Betty had already moved on with someone else.

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