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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Ndungu Nyoro, modern-day matchmaker through WendoWednesday

Every Wednesday, the streets of social media come alive as singles gather to search for their better halves.

The traction dubbed WendoWednesday is the brainchild of Ndungu Nyoro, a modern-day matchmaker.

This special day is dedicated to singles and those determined to escape loneliness by finding a companion.

Mr Nyoro, a well-known philanthropist, not only encourages those who are not married to explore their romantic possibilities, but also runs an educational sponsorship program for bright but needy students joining secondary school, college, and university.

“Wendo” is a Kikuyu word that translates to “Love”.

Wednesday is officially the third day of the week, which is between Tuesday and Thursday, but it’s often considered the fourth day of the week in some countries.

Ndungu Nyoro introduced WendoWednesday in 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, he temporarily suspended the initiative to assess its effectiveness and distinguish serious participants from the participants.

Some instances of misbehaving and social media scams were reported.

Now, Nyoro is back with WendoWednesday Season Two, which touched the ground on August 16, 2023.

The first post reads, “Wendo Wednesday…You are there. You feel you are ready to love and be loved. Just write in the comments section – I AM HERE.”

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Nyoro explained that his motivation to relaunch WendoWednesday was to provide Kenyans with a credible platform to explore dating opportunities.

He emphasized his belief in strong families, stating, “I advocate for such.”

Ndungu Nyoro is happily married and a proud father of two girls, aged 12 and 10, often referring to himself as Baba Nyokabi.

He is running the love matchmaking initiative through his official Facebook page, Ndungu Nyoro HSC.

He posts matchmaking requests, engages with individuals through direct messages, and subsequently makes their stories public.

Drawing from his work with the Affecto initiative, which supports emotionally and psychosocially vulnerable children due to family dynamics, Nyoro underlines the importance of stable family environments.

Affecto is a school sponsorship program that raises funds through social media to support academically bright but financially disadvantaged students.

Nyoro’s matchmaking efforts have led to success stories.

He reveals that over ten couples who met through his platform have settled down and even started families.

He believes there could be more success stories among those who haven’t shared their experiences yet.

Given the rise in cybercrime and scammers, Nyoro encourages his followers to remain vigilant.

He emphasizes the value of respectful comments and urges individuals to point out red flags and not ignore even the slightest signs of trouble.

Nyoro advises his fans to conduct due diligence and exercise patience before committing to a relationship.

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