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Exclusive: Wash Wash! Milly Chebby reflects on successful 2023

Content creator Milly Chebby expressed her gratitude over what she refers to as a successful 2023, with some of the highlights including a sold-out show alongside her husband, Terence Creative, and the honor of winning the Female Digital Creator of the Year award at the prestigious Women in Business Awards.

The couple’s ‘Wash Wash 4 Icon’ show, which took place on December 11, 2023, was considered a resounding success, with Milly Chebby attributing the achievement to the overwhelming support of Kenyan fans.

In the interview, she shared her focus on promoting the show and encouraging fans to attend, without closely monitoring ticket sales.

“I only focused on selling the show and telling our fans how we had done a good job, telling people to come and support what we had done. I did not focus on seeing how many tickets we had sold,” Milly Chebby revealed.

She went on to mention the surprise of the event agency handling ticket sales, as they became concerned about reaching maximum capacity due to the high demand for tickets.

Milly Chebby expressed her appreciation for the unwavering support of Kenyans, stating, “Kenyan fans are my highlights in 2023.”

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Addressing the unity within the creative industry, Milly Chebby highlighted her friendship with the Mathenges and other fellow creatives.

She acknowledged the support from notable personalities like Nameless and Wahu, who not only bought VIP tickets for the show but also attended despite prior engagements.

“No one came with a complimentary ticket. Nameless and his wife Wahu bought VIP tickets yet he had another show somewhere. From my heart, God bless the couple for supporting our dream,” Milly Chebby expressed her gratitude.

Reflecting on her recent accolade as the Female Digital Creator of the Year at the Women in Business Awards, Milly Chebby shared her perspective on success in the digital space.

“Sometimes, just work and give it your all. Sometimes this space of ours is very biased and it has squads and cartels. We have people who have numbers and that. I never work for awards, and this is the first I have ever received,” she said.

The award holds a significant meaning for Milly Chebby, as it recognizes her influence and impact on others in the digital creator community.

“The award means that there are people who look up to me, and I need to work even extra,” Milly Chebby concluded.