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‘Face us during the day’ – CS Kindiki condemns Lamu terrorists as cowards

By Winnie Onyando September 14th, 2023 2 min read

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has denounced the individuals responsible for acts of terrorism in Lamu as nothing more than cowards. As the region grapples with a recent surge in terrorist activities, Kindiki has taken a resolute stance on the matter.

Speaking in Lamu on September 14, the CS emphasised that the assailants primarily carry out their attacks under the cover of darkness, showcasing a distinct lack of courage.

Wengi wao ni waoga. Ukiona mtu anaenda kuweka kilipuzi barabarani usiku na anatoroka anaingia kwa msitu, huyo sio shujaa, huyo ni muoga,” Kindiki asserted. (Most of the terrorists are cowards. If you see someone placing explosives strategically at night and then hiding in the forest, then you should know that that is a coward, not a hero).

In a powerful challenge to these perpetrators, Kindiki stated, “If you are a hero, come and face us during the day.”

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However, even as he made this stern declaration, the CS expressed his unwavering belief in divine intervention.

Mimi niko na Imani kuwa Mungu atatupa nguvu na tutaweza kushinda magaidi,” Kindiki added. (I believe that God will give us the strength to defeat the terrorists). We will crush terrorism.

This statement comes following Kindiki’s recent visit to officially inaugurate the Lamu East Sub-County Headquarters, prompted by a series of terror attacks in the county.

During the visit, he commended the efforts of security officers who have thwarted numerous planned terror attacks.

In a stern warning, he emphasized that no political leader would be allowed to publicly attack, intimidate, or incite animosity against these dedicated officers.

Kindiki urged the various Lamu communities to coexist peacefully and resist attempts to sow discord in the name of resolving historical grievances.

He reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to combating terrorism and violent extremism in Lamu, which has recently experienced a distressing surge in terror-related incidents.

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