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Facebook mums expose colleague over misappropriation of chama funds

The evolution of Facebook mums groups received a blow after members of the popular online groups exposed a colleague for allegedly conning them.

Drama ensued at Buyer Beware, a popular page that exposes cons when the administrator posted screen shots of Whatsapp communication between members of a chama dubbed Nadupa over misappropriation of funds.

The members narrated how the group’s chairlady, Naserian Mapelu, had misappropriated their contributions that were meant for a group investment.

Comments that followed below the post included complains from former chama members who quit after noticing lack of transparency narrating how they were told to quit for demanding accountability.

The lady in the center of the controversy, Ms Mapelu, is also the founder of the Facebook group Hey Moms from which the said Nadupa chama members were drawn.


Chama members have since called for an audit as the contributed funds were supposed to have footed an AGM bill that they said had been overpriced.

The chairlady was then exposed in a different post in the Buyer Beware page where Kenyan mums leaving in the diaspora claimed that they contributed some money and trusted her to lease a piece of land to farm in and have not seen any progress.

The expose which came also in form of screen shots of communication between a victim and a kin drew more criticism from users who demanded that the lady in question explain why she was conning fellow women.

Ms Mapelu later explained that the diaspora funds had indeed been invested in farming adding that the harvest of the potatoes will be done in August and a group of representatives will tour the farm coming week.

“As much as I would wish to comment about the Nadupa matter, it is a fully in cooperated housing cooperative which has a management team and a supervisory team duly elected in an Annual General Meeting to foresee such matters which are bound to arise over time,” she stated in her defense.

The chairlady further went on to state that the management team will conduct the audit after which members will be updated on their contributions.