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Failed robbery mission leaves one night guard dead

Police in Nairobi are looking for a four-man gang that descended on a former location of a varsity research institute killing one night guard on Monday night.

The gang attacked and tied up two night guards, Nicholas Muindi and Paul Mutunga, who were manning a building that was formerly occupied by Egerton University’s, Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development.

Mr Mutunga, 52, later succumbed to a head injury inflicted by the gang using crude weapons.

The deceased’s colleague, Mr Muindi, told Nairobi News that the thugs were armed with wire cutting tools, a panga and rungu.

“When they came they found me at the back of the building and they hit me on the chest with a rungu asking me the name of the company occupying the building,” Mr Muindi recounted.

The night guard told the thieves that the premise belonged to a research institute that had since vacated the building along Kindaruma road.

They then tied himto a seat and proceeded towards the gate where his now deceased colleague was stationed.


“I heard a commotion at the gate and as they dragged Mutunga to the back of the compound and tied him next to me,” recalled Mr Muindi.

Unaware that his colleague had been critically injured, Mr Muindi complied with the orders to remain silent but he could hear Mr Mutunga wheezing.

The two had their heads covered with clothes to blindfold them and Mr Muindi could only observe the gang members breaking into the empty house through a small opening on the hood.

“After they had broken into the house I heard them talking before they left in a hurry warning us not to scream,” narrated Mr Muindi.

After about an hour, Mr Muindi tried to talk to Mr Mutunga and when he got no response he started screaming for help.

Police who were on patrol came to his rescue but on untying the two guards they said Mr Mutunga had already succumbed to injuries.

The body of the father of four children, aged 20-12, who lived with their mother at Kinyui in Kangundo was then taken to City Mortuary.

Mr Muindi has since been treated as he too sustained chest injuries and has resumed work.

Kilimani OCPD Peter Katam told Nairobi News that investigations into the matter are ongoing and statements from the deceased’s colleague as well as neighbours have been obtained.

“Unfortunately the place was not well lit for the neighbours to be able to identify the killers,” Mr Katam said.