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Fake doctor arrested after failed bid to ‘steal’ newborn baby

A man, suspected to be a quack doctor, has been arrested in Eldoret on suspicion of trying to steal a baby.

Mr Donald Oronje was arrested at Healthblos Consultants, an outfit he is said to have been passing off as a medical clinic, after he failed to release a baby he helped deliver to its mother.

Ms Noela Chemutai, the baby’s mother, told Nation that she delivered at the clinic on July 17.

“The doctor said my baby had breathing problems and he would take him to an incubator in one of the hospitals in town. When I asked him why he wanted to take him alone, he told me that I was too weak,” said Ms Chemutai.

For three days she tried to get the baby back, but Mr Oronje insisted she pays a bill of Sh15,500 first, she said.

The amount was to cater for the delivery cost (Sh3,000), her stay at the hospital (Sh3,000 per day), Sh500 for a taxi among other costs.

Ms Chemutai’s sister Edina Lang’at said she later convinced Mr Oronje to release the baby, pending payment.

On the appointed date she went to Healthblos accompanied by policemen.


The suspect told Kapsoya police boss Wilson Odung’ that his actions were only meant to ensure the baby’s survival.

“I wasn’t stealing the baby. I wanted to ensure that he lives despite the breathing problems,” he said.

He has run the business since 2004. The single room he operates from is at Munyaka, a residential area on the outskirts of Eldoret.

When Nation visited the place, surgical equipment was strewn all over the room with medicine and condoms on the dusty floor.

“I started by counselling people on cancer, HIV/Aids and family planning but currently, am offering circumcision, family planning, pregnancy, VCT and maternity services,” said Mr Oronje.

He said he has certificate in nursing from Moi Teaching and Training College, which we established does not exist.

When taken to task he showed an attendance certificate for a seminar on cancer awareness dated August 2015.

Public Health Officer Zachariah Bett said the clinic was not approved by the Health ministry. Drugs supplied by the government were confiscated from the scene.