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How fake ‘Sonko Rescue Team’ has been minting money from Nairobians

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has warned residents of a new digital-savvy con group on the prowl.

The group, the governor said, operates as Sonko Rescue Team and has been ripping-off unsuspecting Nairobians.

The governor said that the conmen and women operate a website and a Facebook page which is sponsored to reach more followers.

The group also lifts photos from Sonko’s Facebook page to use in their con game.

“I wish to take this opportunity to warn Kenyans to watch out and never to send any money to these conmen. In any case you are approached, please report to the police or CID or to my office for quick action,” said Sonko on his Facebook page.


In an attachment shared by the governor, the cons claim to be giving individuals fast and convenient interest free loans through the Sonko Rescue Team.

Applicants, who are required to be 18 years-old and above, can either message the group on WhatsApp, or submit an application form via a website,

“My official name is Mike Sonko. Facebook page is verified with a blue tick and has over 1,300,000 Likes/Followers,” he explained.

Mr Sonko added that the group further claims that through Equity Bank and Safaricom, registered members can borrow between Sh1, 000 and a maximum Sh50, 000. He said the group uses M-Pesa number 0715721394 while their recruiting officer is one Miss Mercilian.

“According to information gathered so far, the group requests for a non-refundable registration fee of Sh300, they pretend to offer loans, motorbikes and school fees vouchers,” he said.

After the warning, a number of individuals who allegedly have fallen prey to the conmen and women, narrated how they lost money to the group.


A Facebook user by the name Real Chalz said: “It has been sending me messages even after the so called Mercillian stole my Sh300… I called Safaricom customer care (centre) but I have not received any feedback from them.”

Mariah Angella said: “Already someone was asking me for Sh2,500 for a job…posing as you Mr Governor…. What a pity…but I sensed it was a scam so I never sent…he got furious.”

One Geoffrey Kirui had this to say to the governor: “Good morning governor Sonko why do conman used your account on Monday I was told that I have won bodaa so I was to send 10,000 for logbook and transportation fee because I am outside Nairobi so I send the money only to call the number imekuwa MTEJA uptodate. Their number is 0704280017 ROYSTONE ATEKHA INYANJE PLEASE HELP IT WAS ONLY THAT MONEY I WAS HAVING,” he narrated.

Mejor Nur wrote: “Hata mimi waliniuliza 5000 for winning motor bike, to transfers my name to logbook, jameni nikauliza Sonko ananiitisha, 5000 baadae nikajua so sonko ni conmen.”

Gedion N. Mainga said: “Right now there is someone telling me to send Sh5,600 for logbook please confirm this 0701360031.”

One Chrisantus Amenya said: “I’m a victim too almost 20k zimeenda using this no.0707111921, 020200062 registered your name. Your public notice came late please assist us 2 arrest this mikora.”