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Feed your game with OddsShark.Com

When it comes to sports betting there’s only one website you need: OddsShark. Not to toot our own really loud airhorn, but OddsShark is the online leader for sports odds and picks.

We have betting info for every sport – when we say everything, we mean everything from golf and boxing, to hockey (ask your Canadian friends about that) to baseball and all forms of football (NFL, FIFA, UEFA etc.).

We have odds for every major sport and our expert writing staff produces informative – but never boring – articles to give you the edge when making your wagers.

Whether it’s the World Cup, the Super Bowl or a regular season match up between Real Madrid and Manchester United, you’ll find everything you need to make an educated bet right here.

The World’s Best World Cup Betting Content – according to us anyway

Our staff provides info on everything from group odds to futures to betting previews to top goal scorer odds. Your favorite player is probably scoring a goal right now and if you visit OddsShark you’ll be able to see if the odds are in your favor to place an educated bet.

Furthermore, our robust website is backed by a super computer that uses an algorithm to make picks to help you win on game day. Use our information to bet smart and (hopefully) win!

If you take a look at our World Cup section, you’ll see that we cover every game and literally hundreds of props.

Learn and Understand Betting Odds to Make Smarter Bets

Understanding betting is crucial if you want to become a seasoned sports betting pro. Plus, in order to win you’ll need to grasp basic concepts like point spreads, moneylines, over/unders, parlays and futures.

How are you supposed to make a smart futures bet on the World Cup if you don’t know which country to choose?

With OddsShark, you’ll not only get all the data you need to make an educated bet, you’ll learn something too.

Go to OddsShark today for betting info on every game played. How else are you going to bet on the over/under of Oghenekaro Etebo scoring more than one goal?