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Filmmaker Jennifer Gatero speaks out against mistreatment of fellow artiste Zippy Kimundu

Prominent filmmaker Jennifer Gatero has raised her voice against the alleged mistreatment of fellow artiste Zippy Kimundu, who is at risk of not representing Kenya at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

In a passionate post on her Facebook page, Jennifer expressed her frustration over Zippy’s unjust arrest and detention.

She questioned the differential treatment often experienced by artists like Zippy, who are sometimes treated as royalty abroad but not accorded the same respect in return.

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Jennifer Gatero’s post read as follows:

“Why do we treat these foreigners like Kings and Queens, and they treat us like dirt? We serve them first in restaurants. We talk to them like royalty!!! The Danish Embassy wrongfully arrested and detained my friend Zippy Kimundu for two days, citing ‘overstaying her visa,’ even though she had plans to leave the country four days before her visa expired,” Jeniffer said.

Jeniffer said that Zippy might miss the opportunity to represent Kenya at the premier of one of her prestigious film festivals.

“She has a premiere at one of the most prestigious film festivals, being the only Kenyan film selected for IDFA in Amsterdam. Yet, she cannot represent us because the Danish Embassy has imposed a two-year ban. Share, repost, and tag whoever you can. Kenyans, do what you do. Zippy needs to represent Kenya at this festival Kenya Film Commission Kenya Film Classification Board.”

Zippy Kimundu is an accomplished Kenyan filmmaker with a track record of over a decade in the global film industry, working as a Producer, Director, and Editor.

Her work has earned her recognition and awards, making her a significant figure in the industry.