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Frankie Kiarie: I don’t regret getting children with my two baby mamas

Renowned fitness trainer Frankie Kiarie, popularly known as Frankie JustGymIt, has opened up about his journey as a father to four children with his two ex-lovers, Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu.

In an interview with Financial Incorrect on YouTube, Frankie expressed no regrets about his unique family dynamic and commended both of his ex-partners for their exemplary parenting.

“It is what it is. The two situations I’ve been in, I’ve never regretted a single thing. A lot of people complain about their baby mamas, not mine. I have great baby mamas. They take care of the kids perfectly. That’s something again that has allowed me to be able to become who I’ve become,” Frankie shared.

Frankie praised Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu for their dedication to co-parenting, emphasizing the positive impact it has had on his life and career.

He expressed gratitude for the harmonious relationship he shares with both of his ex-partners.

The fitness guru, who recently realized his dream of owning and running a successful gym, discussed his business aspirations during the interview.

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When asked about the financial considerations of expanding his family, given that he has two baby mamas and four children, Frankie responded with humor.

“I was just smashing. There was no financial hmmm… nah, it just happened,” he laughed, acknowledging the unplanned nature of his growing family.

Addressing the question of whether he ever felt he was putting himself in a challenging position, Frankie reflected on his heritage, stating:

“So I have Luhya blood in me right, so kids are a blessing for me, like literally every single time I was told I was pregnant. I was like, ‘Okay, let’s go, let’s have this kid.'”

While admitting that there were moments of self-reflection and questioning readiness, Frankie emphasized his commitment to being there for his children

“I have never felt like, ‘Oh my God, what?’ There are times when you second guess yourself and you think, ‘Oh man, am I ready for all of this?’ But at the end of the day, if I’m gonna say, ‘Cool, let’s go with it,’ 100% I’m gonna be there.”