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Fresh clues on why ex-treasury employee could have been killed by her daughter

By Amina Wako October 2nd, 2019 1 min read

Investigations into the killing of a 73-year-old former Treasury employee and her 47-year-old daughter have revealed chilling details.

Judith Wanjiku and her daughter Catherine Nyaguthie were last week found murdered inside their house in Nairobi’s South B Estate.


But according to detectives privy to the investigations, Nyaguthie called police emergency line 999 and said she wanted to kill her mother, Wanjiku.

“Nimeua. Sasa kujeni muniue” those were the chilling last words from Nyaguthie.

The detectives are now investigating if Nyaguthie made the call under duress or not but sources who spoke to Nairobi News say she was very calm when making the call.

This is according to the audio with the investigative team which was retrieved from the police command, control and communication centre based at police headquarters in Jogoo House, Nairobi.


He added that she wound take her own life after she had killed her mother.

The source mentioned that Nyaguthie might have strangled her mother to death.

The two bodies were found in separate rooms in their Golden Gate home, both bearing strangulation marks.

Police said the bodies were discovered by Mrs Mwai’s sister, Peris Wambui Kimani, who had visited the home at around 3:30pm.